Love your life


like a spire
in the air
past some meddlin
point of
like you
Love yourself
in the morning
all scraggled your hair
yawnin before coffee
and meds
kickin in
Love your life
 at night
when you
 in haystacks
    drunken alleys
and trees
 wall to wall
rolling wheels
of cheese
to loving
no’one else
up to no good
at all
in mirrors
fancy clothes
long halls
in waders
rising up
the fish
on your
Love your life
in cups
straight up
with no chaser
bent stemming cherries
an shaken
an stirred
like umbrellas
When it rains outside
the mayhem
behind locked doors
open but screened
walled up within
thirstin for light
dreamin of pinups
and ticker tape
pregnant with life
in floods and capris
glasses and ice flashes
in the sun
rooftop flashing
the sky for a

KatYa ©2016

2 responses to “love.recklessly

  1. Intermission, including information inspired
    Random and reckless wayward I amble the grove, The page
    In no time like the past
    Waiting for a moment in future
    To be relevant now,
    Influenced, slightly affected
    What most understand as normal rejected!
    My very short attention span is directed to only a few. People like you Katya Mills 🐃

    Liked by 1 person

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