life is sharp and ready

to cut

cat on my chest


pushing retracting


life is soft and

dreamy ona

sunday morning

the newsprint wants 

to murder



so much to do

not enough time

the screens blinding

i would be lying if

i said i was




hong kong. never too far 

from my thoughts

all the action in my country

where i am caught. and you

my sister. so far, far away i write this letter 

if only to say

we love you

we will not let them bring you down

may we laugh and hold hands may we

fight this together

always be free in our


hope ina hopeless time

back to the liquor store

for another scratcher you
poured a cup of coffee at the gas
station walked out
of town on the train
tracks you recited in your head
the smile the cashier gave you
the balanced smile

all the hope you
ever had ina hopeless


back yourself up

we danced to the old songs dated
back when life seemed less

complicated less strung out

on media talking to us from our pockets our screens keeping tabs all
night and day long we danced freely like we had some kind of voice some kind of choice in this automated cyber world you really gotta know deep down who you are

download yourself or get 
tagged archived judged and encrypted
back yourself up

(less than) lethal

the people come together

pelted by rubber bullets burned

by tear gas. fuck the pandemic! they

will not be detained

the force is lethal

calls itself less than

less than lethal but make no mistake

whatever label they slap on

the force is lethal

it can kill you make

no mistake it can and



litigation can take

the spine out of any



they wield extreme power they can kill you in public

and will. and did. again. George Floyd. we expressed outrage

six feet away from the sidewalk to the ends of the earth. we

who have hearts alive and beating

theft and what did you expect? fires. broken glass. mayhem and what

america? what did you expect? you hunt and trap our friends our comrades

helpless. caged. handcuffed on the ground all the breath forced out of them. another life

stolen another family loss. a community. a nation of communities.

america you will wake up from your imperial dream you will. the

institutionalized isms will be eradicated. we won’t let you sleep our country

means to much to us. leaders arise to deliver

social justice. free shipping. cops accused of murder. found

guilty. based on facts. convicted. sentenced to life

or death

up mood 1

my mood drops like a beat

you answer when i

call and

 we get to our feet

walking the miles

just to meet

my mood 

rises up become a bird in

the sky

can’t say exactly how

fuck i sure know


am i

i stretch i breathe i let my feelings arise
i am saturated i have too much to do
i am talking to a friend
i am

k #archive

Atlantis, times three

Posted on July 28, 2013 by KatYa

i am trying to find myself

between commercials


i am located

somewhere deeper

than that


times three

i remember almost dying

the weight

was too great

i got

stepped on

like flagstones

I saw you there

we could touch


through our

imperial pints

of tears



times three

i got stripped

like a stripper

but without

so much

a choice

off the walls

in the paint

in the darkness

the memory



i laced up

to give them


2 remember


i tried then

2 forget


i grabbed the knives

in the kitchen

and turned

toward them


its real painful

to look

i could drown

in it


times three

i found me

by looking


by watercolor

bled down

in the city

bled out

to the valley

sweet canvas

of colors

shelters me now

the painted walls

i like to

leave them

this way

i am different

i am young

my spirit

touched by

the sound

of the colors

dripping down


times three

is where

i am found


July, 2013


life got painful you
could not take it anymore so
you found a corner
to cut you got caught you
were young
that’s what we do
we make mistakes
we are reckless
learning to live
today the pearls are strung
thrice around your neck
turkish coffee drips into ceramic
sheltered by hands
translucent like newborn sea shells
all that ever happened
in your eyes