FEBRUARY 11 1998

I found a typewritten sheet from the Royal I had in Florida, 1998, tucked into my diary. Here’s a remix from the first paragraphs I wrote…

She lay with him she

trusted him she knew him no more than

the shadows the moon cast on the wall

dressed and gone by morning

balancing on the edge of the tub

she shaved her legs with a cheap razor

someone left behind


the blood didn’t bother her

there would be no sleep


he lay awkwardly after

hands in his pockets

she played a palm across his chest


to be robbed was something

he imagined he


taste of her in his mouth feather

pillow imbued with her





8 responses to “FEBRUARY 11 1998

    • hi Nick how are you? yes i have reams of diaries and typewritten pages i have saved, a history of my life, and lately enjoying taking them apart and remixing them into poetry! it’s a blast ❤ hope you are well my friend and thanks

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      • Hi, Katya. I’m fine as far as I can tell. Just passed over 40th day of lockdown. The religious comparisons do not escape me of course! There was a period last week where, after 5 weeks of being rather happy in my imprisonment, I awoke one morning in a fun of looming gloom < if you'll excuse that!

        However since then my moods have been all over the place: one morning I was filled with impending dread and by evening rather quite ecstatic!

        I ain't been writing my Covid journey as I don't know what to say about it really. But, with no work, keeping punk as fuck hours, and, no doubt, the emotional ride, I have been having a real good run at the old words!

        Ah, I just knew you'd be a diarist! Excellent! It can be a bittersweet experience returning to the old written years, don't you think? But it sounds as if you have found a way into them – K is Silent; The Remix!

        Really lovely to hear from you. I know we bother each other rarely, but I do follow your work keenly.
        Stay Ace
        Nick xx

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      • i know and i appreciate it Nick. ‘punk as fuck’ i highly encourage you to title a post with that phrase! love it. yes it is bittersweet going back to them cuz i see my missteps and how there was no one around to help me correct them and often when there was a wise or caring person in my life, i was too stubborn to listen. though i wasnt as good a writer back then, im finding i can extract gems from shit lol. i agree its been a moody time. all i can say is do the best you can to respond not react to a mood of impending dread. get outdoors if it helps, go for a walk, treat yourself to some snack you like, or take a hot shower, whatever works for you. its a difficult time. i have my job which makes life a lot easier im sure. with all the free time you really gotta get creative! K

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