love. a totality

He had just turned forty

the new thirty

He felt a half century





Still he was real as they come

long since had a habit


ran from the law

used to call him rabbit


All tore up and shit

he caught her attention

on the strip


either ’78 or ’77


She was in a rush

looking for a friend

nights when the streets got her numb

cold as ice cream but aint no fun


All sorts of shit went wrong

for a white girl blonde as a

bleached out  jersey updo

the kind that blocked your view

when you got those last minute

scalpers to go see Motley fuckin’ Crue


what she was made of really

you could not quantify

Something sweet and soulful

and spilling over your edges

a bowl of oatmeal

warmth all over






She carried him aways


brought him in

blurred the bright lights

beat back the city


He shifted out of first into a focused way

a fineness

When he found her

Then up a sec to a feeling street reality

met her Up on third avenue

to embrace


Anyone around them

stopped to catch a glimpse



like the sudden encounter

with a solar eclipse




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