we locked eyes in a dream

we locked eyes in a dream we 

locked eyes and upon awakening it seemed

this dream was no longer a dream

why would you hunt me?

my love it can kill you 

on contact

yosemite by katya mills c 2022


yosemite 3

Chinese Camp

the down side of an ascending grade

10am. we stretched legs made acquaintance of goats and roosters 

and storekeep. fed quarters to the candy machine

 the candy was pellet feed

note to self: people like animals but not as kind

the cocks were a-doodling we were a-dawdling 

raggedy coats made of feather beneath table mountain 

the sun lost its way in the clouds


yosemite 2

the rain turned to heavy snow and back to rain

we got so small our problems smaller than we

hid cryin wrapped around a knee tryin 

to hold on you gave me a hug and a kiss

the old world turned to vapor before our very eyes

the pen gave a tug on the paper i

wrote a poem with hardly any words


yosemite 1

the microclimates were moody 

five thousand feet high in places

long facesĀ 

we joined the chorus we 

sang the song of 



yosemite inn

the parking lot a river and we crossed it

you took our order while gazing lovingly @ your cell phone

we were dripping wet and starving

garlic pepperoni cheese and tomato

you forgot the green peppers