basin water drawn

2 the face and green blue green eyes

my thoughts turned 2 those so sorrowfully 


i castigated the glass 

ran out on the sun cussed

the mean old cold


hunting my list of contacts i

called upon the loneliest one

who could not would not


the loneliest one 

was i


world full of plastic

the greens are alive

and you know

only turn red when

you’re not looking


red is a just a mask

for how they really





in a world full of plastic

you would be



Slow falls like snow. Not pelting just touching and melting. Slow is not weak or worthless or lazy or wasteful. Slow is not what they say in our fast culture USA. Slow takes the time to truly understand. Is seen and sees. Patience. The world doesn’t know what it wants.

navel label trés

navel (orange) label #3

There are so many ways we came to greet one another, I knew the love was alive by this alone (no stale greetings, no hallmark cards). You came with flowers, I would surprise you from behind the door and rush into your arms… you might call down from an open window, warmly gazing at me on your elbows… I might do my eyeliner up in a signature Amy Winehouse kinda way with a twist… we might pretend like we were strangers, you would act like you were delivering a pizza — Is so and so home? I have an order for a Miss Mills… you would often be wearing my clothes.

russian river by Katya

Your arrival into my life had been so unexpected. I must have done something special to get you for a gift. I was alone and even lonely before I met you, I wonder now, did that have something to do with it? I would bring you pastries and coffee, your favorite kind. You brought me a paper once you took from the neighbor’s driveway. So what? you said, You can tell they don’t read them, there’s a half dozen on the lawn! (Yes, well, maybe they’re on vacation).

sky by K

We like it here in our little earthen corner of the wind sky water joint. Don’t we get along swell? I study you within the four walls, floor and ceiling. But never confined, no, always free you are to float toward or away from me and us and this condition cannot condition the unconditionable — that is you. You drive me crazy, whatever whomever however you are.


The church was good when
all were selfless
singing organs
blaring ego hid
the devil


once i got a safe distance from the church

i gave my heart to god

bedtime. 15

my apartment a mess
winds blow the world
i laugh

and go

to bed

ima girl

my cellular

cell phone and
makeup i guess
ima girl