he would work

until it killed him

distant he surrendered the emotional fields 

full of land mines 

you cannot tell him to stop

he has no stop


2 work

got stuck in a loop again searching 

for the best self before we went extinct

could not find it on the phone

could not find it 

in a pill… 

found the best self

just going to work with you

and doing what we




keep working and you can work your way into and out of the conundrum we call life 



they awoke battered by terrors 

a humming heartbeat of a creature

by one eye vigilant of anything

moves speaks  

coffee before work

let the emotions run through the grinds

summoning any god to

get them through



the fashionable way to work was collectively

and remotely. with minimal identity markers

you take to those who can help solve a problem

if this can be achieved without speaking

even better      #katyamills


frazzled cutting wires
bending over and under endless machinery

greasy pipes growling

cobwebbed and cornered they

never started finishing school

blackened by chimneys

smoking snipes

thats how god wanted it 

and it was good


workers on break

slowed heartbeats

inhaling the rain 

on break

stirring grounds 

in the kettle

pushing the embers

cutting earth out of the sole

with a blade

cherishing a smoke

with a friend


down one

winter highways a mess 

kids with sleepers in their eyes

pleading – don’t go! 

fuck all the long commutes

forgot how to end

ice cream sundays!  they exclaim

throwing they boots off

factory gonna have to live 

down one 




run on 4 hours sleep

ice cream for breakfast wash

it down with house coffee they

dont paint a great face they wont

talk too much smack they aint 

buttoned up in the finest fabrics 

they just work hard a long day

ahead and they mean it 

sincerely   #katyamills


i wanna make
more memories
can only pick up
the ones we had
dearest Ofa
after breaking down
i get up. you would want me
to be strong
do the good