without words


you got my hair 


nails colored so

they pop

dressed down and

up i am 

ready for the fall

without words

into your



october 24

with hope upon wakening

believin the work to be done 

i open my manuscript

and like the washer the dryer you

spill out on the floor at my feet

such is life

replete and resplendent

we sharpen our blades

and fall on them



took the words from the margins

boiled them down and drank they

essence. lead from the pencil

kinda killed but worth every 

swallow   #katyamills

the book nobody read

the book nobody read lived in a cell inside they head

the defense for freedom argued nobody will be harmed

but the words got in the way #katyamills

profile #21

soap bubbles for eyes text bubbles 

for tongue corn syrup stomach 

marijuana cig stuck to sandpaper

lips. the screens 

crack and pop and whistle

words march across the tape it’s twenty

twenty one

wash and stand up 

to the sun



938pm. the silence breaks

arise with words and the endless expressions

alive i am laughing 
@ the past @ the future 

the sky



a great pond formed at the point 

there where they gathered for tales

had been told. all had gone quiet 

the fireflies formulating a slow beat of light

the pond dried up all its ink seeped into 

the paper earth. another word another 

world would never be  



to be honest i cannot know 

your heart your mind and though

your words your actions confuse

and vex me upset and perplex

me i can only be who god

made me and do the best 

i can. 


mission 0200

you left a pack of cigs in my car i 

don’t know who you are i

left them on the bench on 

the east front of west sacramento walmart 

O two hundred hours

for you


world without words

you will never add up
admonished the numbers

the letters formed into soft
words oh. ok. sorry and if you
say so

you must be calculating
to help us. precise.
do we have to spell
it out?

the letters went silent. they drafted
a non compete clause but the
numbers they just multiplied out
toward infinity

the letters they felt
useless. abandoned

then a question arose
how will we communicate
without us?

the numbers stopped
at a loss for