the winds rose overnight and compelled us all to feel. limbs of sycamores fell into the streets. the cat brought me a headless robin in a mouth full with feathers. i believe i am chosen to be raw. nothing comes easy anymore. i tell my story by words. life has never been so enticing.


curiosity can amplify
a drained spirit
add glowstix
a wicked costume
a strange expression
add darkness
packs of children
hollowed pumpkins
candles and wind to
animate all inanimate
creatures so scared it
kickstarts the breath
and now i’m thrilled
you see we’re truly

the wind remembered

nobody remembered her name or her face

or the pale of her wrists

by the edge of her lace


no one remembered the man or his name

who sunk his axe deep

in the wood

in the yard

in his sleep


only the wind still whispered her name

through the gaps and the floors

through those walls

made of wood


and wrung out the leaves of the trees

just like hands

to remember the others


the other ones who had died



two and twenty years before

and twice as long

before then


and twice as long

before then


and twice as long

before then