6.29 NV

in Nevada the horses roam wild 

early morning in search of food 

having found where the fences leave off 

they come up to greet you in this dry and 

barren land



question everything

and the thoughts runĀ 

wild across the

synapse  #katyamills


the lies was digging a hole

like a soft and harmless bunny


the truth

a wild rabbit

jumped off




Five were the aerial views of the heart. Valves played and polished like horns. Sound bounces off points to show form. An audio track. The history of the world. Ten were the arteries full of light and uncontained. See the narrative of the world bubble up from undersea. Liquid. Seamless. Without end. Fifteen were the compressions. Before and after life. Unstudied. Immeasurable. Wild. Unknown.

breath of ice

there were coyotes last night out in the snow under the shadow of the mountain. panting breath of ice. underbellies soft and warm. eyes ringing truths of the wild. in small packs they roam. hunting. howling.

bygone euphoria

You may be on the road for years and years before you get off the road and keep to one region, one state, one county, one neighborhood, one single home, one room inside one single home, one single chair inside one room, rocking away the rest of your days. Hopefully, all those years on the road you gathered enough memories to fill up your basket. So you can rock the days away with wild visions of bygone euphoria.


conditions on earth

conditions on earth

On the one extreme there were those who were dangerous and knew they were dangerous, just like in the wild, and embraced it, and even decided that society and law ought to have its face put in the dirt and extinguished, and so went beyond what was natural (hunting for survival) and went on a violent tear for assertion. On the other extreme were those who championed law to such an extent they would turn on their own family if the law demanded they do so, even if law was corrupt and nonsense. They believed in safety to a point where no one was any longer safe. In the middle somewhere was you and me, trying to keep a grip, hoping to survive, and letting our intuition guide us especially in places and times where reason alone did not suffice, when everyone seemed discouraged, and it could be said by measure of population on planet earth, we have outdone ourselves for sure.

color it. wild

Burrs in my shoelaces
Pollen in my hair
I saw a great blue heron
By the river there

I moved toward
In wonder

He unfolded
his wings
And flew


Shade a saturation
touch up from the

(Tremendous wingspan

In our cyberfrenzied age
Thank the merciful gods!
The heron

Still great
Still blue