sparrows dip

wings and turn about

the gold fields

tent city at north

gate and sixteenth god

am i lucky

ridin wheels

over the american


exchangin words

at the fountain

gettin wet

thank you

spinnin hot

spokes shinin

in the sunlight

close to my



┬áthere’s really nothing wrong with two people coming together for a time, living together, being together, and then having differences drawin them apart, a change of heart, and then lookin for another start somewhere else with someone else. there might be a culture invested in keeping you together or a family that hopes for you to heal. and yes, you could recover, the two of you, you could but it would have to take both of you with all your might to make it right. all the bad blood pooled up like that. it would be very hard. the world wants you both to make it, yes, the culture, maybe even the family. but suns rise and wheels roll and pavement cracks and suns set, and what with all the change you find it hasn’t happened yet? there’s really nothing wrong with moving on.