sunrise and surrealities

mad red sunrise and surrealities

love. what was this word and her repetitions
her various meanings to
diverse peoples
her attachment to some
while others she out right eluded for always
never could be bought yet
always on the auction block in the world
a craigslist listing would offer and ask
but never obtain anything like

someone 2 love some
bodies for four twenty
or clouds. a toss-up 4 weed
what a trade and some


in you and me


short the patience required for the real
see a kinda pale dripping teal
from the belly of the whale
to an elephant seal
sunning half days
at the wharf ina blubbery sidesteppin grille
mass tourist appeal

step to the truth of this kinda sadness…
manifest in cities and suburbs
rural surrealities
all across our gentrified former farms
our unharnessed lands. no one can remember anymore

thank god

step to the sad truth of this soon forgotten game catch-all
love. binding a (controllable) context of lust and
self-marketing fueled by
loneliness and greed
fear and need
fear and
need. loneliness. greed

witness the watchers (who witness too)
cold in the eyes
unable to blink
greco-roman-american tragedy

stained green by water dripping for eras
into marble and porcelain tubs
and sinks

(and where love resides) so also reside the watchers for eternity
and possibly past times
running down

even the thought of such visions
in hell took the thinkers of the thoughts
to emotional lows rarely

such emotional descent might be succeeded by
titrated blood tides

the hour
the sunset tapers

dawn frozen in the face of a dying star

mad and red

Neptune. god of sea

god of sea
at the altar

for years
we knew
the rock

made of masthead
sheets and sailors


bankrolled by
imperial loans

prayers carried far
from heavy hearts

on backs of breathless
gales and whales
the salty groans
the rusty nails

beneath  the slender cut of
moon beneath the silent shimmering

beneath it all in
solvent lye

Neptune fills
an invert

Last night

i almost met my maker last night at the mercy of the mind of a lunatic, in flight. Or just plain mindless. Or selfish, impatient, impudent, or blind. Or had bad timing. In an absolutely unforgivable way.

I did not stay to find out. Lacking the ability to forgive, as I was.

I was fresh out that place unseen and unforeseeable, where life and death overlap. Where glistens the oil upon the rod ’round which the serpent coils. With intent to kill.

Yeah. Could have been my immediate end. Unlike the beginning. Much less predictable.

I just rode headlong into the flank of her white whale, on my black bike. The side paneling of an SUV against flesh is quite responsive, I am here to say.

Now I can be here to love words some more, and kind people I can be kind to, in kind. I am here to continue doing what needs be done, directly. Here to love men who love women who love women and men who love men who love women.

And kids too. And dogs and cats and feather pillows. And family. Sunrises and sets. And the imminence of things almost not yet.

The imminence of things almost not yet.

The imminence of things.


Not yet.