i pushed for an oily cup of joe to loosen my structural bolts

swam out and caught a monster wave


beneath a wave

the undertow

determined to drag us

down. we tumbled through kelp

and brine 

in the depths we found

the force 4 uplifting

triumphant she

carried us back from

the sea



i want to be a watercolor so i can wash away

i used to want to be a sharpie

i was a stillness they could focus on

absorbing heat and sun and sky and sound

the city only a few miles away i got on wheels and rolled the fuck away

these words they beat you up at night

you wonder how the mouths had the nerve

to let them through the teeth

i forgive easy

happiness was once so easy to find

like an astronaut chicken in walmart

butter. tomato onion. pepper. garlic

i was full of anxiety and depression i

could not seem to unrelate myself to them i

turned to fast food in the pandemic i

couldn’t change the channel i

took extra time lining my eyes

with chocolate maybelline i

took great care with my lashes

to make em like japanese wood

carvings of waves

i want to be a watercolor

so i can wash away



Remember feeling the unusual way like you walked through a wave while the classical played… like a ghost in a shell two atmospheres deep… i remember feeling said way, almost two years to the day…now, at long last, i can quiet the mind straight to sleep.

sugar. life

Off sugar
On again

walk the street

Up against the wall
feel the heat

Match .com

Veggie chip
minority whip
the politicians

packet wave
goodbye to

the process
is proceeding
at a tremendous
height and

On sugar
Off again

Processed lives
stuffed ina