kiss my toes

For a time we lived in squalor before we won the lottery on a simple scratcher that made us two hundred dollars which we fought about how to distribute, then agreed to use half of it to pay our landlord back, took the remaining hundred to the casino and made a thousand, fought some more after the champagne toast, and paid off our credit card with half of that, took five bills to the race track and made five thousand on Lucky Sinner, invested in a multi level marketing scheme and doubled that on diet pills, took a trip to Hawaii and made love on a beach of hot lava while tripling our profits on bitcoin,  bought a Tesla back in the States, drove it to Reno and lost a quarter of our earnings on blackjack,  stayed with it, switched to craps, sold our souls to the devil on a payment plan, made it back to black and then some. we saw our luck was yet alive. we sank all our profit into the dark web for a windfall, flipped a few houses in the city, and now we live like kings and queens and pay someone to clean up after us and our drone armada which takes up half our six car garage. i like to watch you race them on the weekends. i have my yoga studio on the mezzanine floor. i can now stand on my head for five minutes and kiss my toes. funny how we still start our day like we did before we had anything:  a pot of coffee, cigarettes, and our defiant kinda love. i suppose that’s something hard living gave us. that’s something real and coded with a tang pushing off the aura. i love you. let’s never let it go.

(this story, by Katya Mills, originated on Wattpad.

the pinnacle effervescent

my wattpad story, continued…

Going solo and burning bright into the night was one thing, kicking it with friends and new friends all day was something else. Both made Antipathy feel extra special lucky. She could be a loner for sure, but if she ever felt lonely she tended to reach out. You could say she preferred being alone when she wasn’t feeling lonely. But having good friends? This was the pinnacle effervescent.

They mostly had a good time this very day, the three of them. Dagger was a very kind boy and perhaps a young soul. He knew how to listen and laugh, and he didn’t always have his hands in his pockets where you couldn’t see them. He was pretty expressive really, for a boy, and Antipathy was paying attention. Of course LilBit kept poking and prodding her like she was livestock. See my new ring? she said, I’m gonna get married… he’s short, light and ugly. Of course she was lying. Antipathy whinnied and pulled away and snorted, and LilBit reigned her in by her necklace.

Dagger watched the two girls and wondered how many lifetimes they had been friends. He really admired girls for their friendships, which could be deep like submarines. He had friendships with guys which were close but in a different regard. They would show up for one another and be there to help out in various ways. They didn’t always wanna talk, but they would be there. He thought of his friend Matthew and you could tell it disturbed him.

You see, his friend’s family was a car wreck just waiting to happen. Matthew was full grown now and had shown up his dad. He couldn’t continue to watch his family be torn apart by this mean and abusive man. So one day he stepped in between. His dad began trembling, unaccustomed to his power being challenged, and tried to strike him. This was about a year ago, and since then it was a contest of wills to see who was gonna be the real head of the family.

Dagger told the girls the story, speaking mostly to LilBit who he knew best. But Antipathy was right there listening, too, and would not forget the part about how Dagger’s friend Matthew’s dad on several occasions told him and his siblings that he put them in the world and he could take them out if he so chose. The subject dropped pretty quickly because it was disturbing and Dagger didn’t wanna spoil the pinnacle effervescent.

When she felt she oughta remember something, well, Antipathy would. She was like one of those cafe baristas whose been trained to remember your name, and surprises the hell out of you when you show up a week or two later and they know who you are, and you have to look at their name pinned to their shirt in order to properly thank them, and then they surprise you again cause they know you like the large iced almond milk latte, easy on the ice, too.


my Wattpad story continued…

The flashback ended when I made it to LilBit’s door, not a block from the train station; the man and the truck and the Olds vanished in a puff of powder blue smoke. I rapped my knuckles hard in morse code – SOS – my dad once taught me. I walked pretty fast to get ahead of my tail. I sure hope LilBit knows morse code, but it’s a long shot. I hope she’s not flossing. She is such a chronic toothbrusher. Her breath smells like Baking Soda and mint. Everyone loves kissing her, even her friends make out with her just for fun. It’s really good practice for the real thing. I mean Love.

I am thinking this will be like all the movies that ever lived, you know, the door will open and my friend will let me in just as the man (my tail) reaches out for me and I will escape danger. Life sure could learn something from the movies.

LilBit does come to the door in time, though we would have to wait here and shoot the crap for a little while to let the man catch up, to make it come off like the movies, in the nick of time. But nobody’s watching or sitting on the edge of their seats or anything, so what would be the point? LilBit shows me her whitened teeth and shows me in. She is about to close the door when she spots my tail and calls out to him. Dagger! Whatcha up to?

I feel like spilt milk as the two of them embrace and start laughing over some insider joke I am on the outside of. Come in, come in! she begs, and Dagger follows us into the Belly of the Beast. Her apartment, I mean. I jackknife myself on to the couch, LilBit cannonballs beside me, and Dagger politely and carefully drops into an armchair across from us, and I suddenly feel rather silly for having been worried about him.

Baking Soda and mint. LilBit kisses. My life is complete.


five four sixteen go

All was so promising so walk around the streets not made for walking. Step in front of the cars and ask for a ride. Someone gives you one. A big guy who used to drive a truck but now he’s on disability, threw out his back. The fixed income has him stationary mostly, except when he gets behind the wheel of his powder blue Olds. Makes him feel young and picking me up reminds him of the sixties when hitching was proper. I can hold this hope with you, my friend. Fuck it. Roll down the windows and roll up a joint and let the edge off. I can feel you steppin on it, you take good care of it. We are together in this as the numbers roll over to zero. The sun hasn’t changed in all these years, and tires are still made of rubber and pressured air. I lay my fingers on the back of your neck, and you smile and push down with one arm hooked out the window, the other latched to the top of the wheel. It’s gonna be a brighter day than most.

Antipathy and the Six Million Villains – Part 7


My super sky blue kite hurled itself into the ground, stabbing the earth when the wind no longer had its back. Oh how it shuddered all over before falling flat on the ground. Only the skeleton held up at the cross. How nice when someone has your back, I thought, you can even touch the sky! For a spell but don’t count on it lasting. I pulled the string off of my toe and rolled it back onto the spool. My poor toe was ringed in red for a while where the wind had left its mark. All the blades of grass rubbed up against me, supposing they had a chance. A girl doesn’t take her ring off for nobody.

I got on the subway which could very well have been super the way it jumped up out of the earth at times before slanting down and diving back into the darkness. The halogen lights stayed flickering on all the time so we could read and see one another and maybe not be scared. There’s a difference between a commuting train and a roller coaster, unfortunately, and nobody much asks about your commute or if they do it’s only because they don’t what else to talk about and god forbid the silence. I imagined if there were no lights other than the sunlight, how all the cell phones and kindles would show underground and the people holding paperbacks and newspapers would all collective sigh and have to wait for a while, or god forbid meditate in the dark. What this Faux Froid culture of fear might do.

There was a man following me with his eyes and then his feet, as we stepped off onto the platform at Lil Bit’s stop. I had a feeling it wasn’t his stop unless it was mine. Just a feeling but you know how they’re always telling you to trust your intuition. I had a block to walk to get to her house, which was really just an apartment but nonetheless a home. I might only have to wait for her to answer the door. I tried to calculate in my mind the number of seconds I would need to escape the grasping arms of the man, so I would know exactly how fast to walk.

I sure hope Lil Bit’s not flossing her teeth when I get there. She can be a real perfectionist about her teeth, you know.  — Read the whole story: HERE