the madness stops within you

to stop in yourself

the madness of the world

online and off

find what you stand for

tolerate disagreements

be properly outraged 

and mostly passionate

able to voice what you care about

and why


vox perdu

woke up without her

devastated. how they gonna make it?

not knowing sign

or nothin

she had boxed up her songs

folded the arms and legs of little sayings

tongue in cheek

only a regimen of herbal tea

gratitude and salt water gargles

would bring her back



so you like 

slow cars 

and silence 

living alone

no tv

no kids

so you got
strong meds

no voices no 


so you got 

somethin 2 

say what 

is it?


the bricks let

the elements

soak into the


i hit them


dropped a fin

on the bar for a gin

watching you go

soft into the


i can’t help it

im obsessed by

the song


can we play it


rewind all our fast

trax play it super

slow together


we got no choice we

gotta move on

im sorry but ill be


watchin you go

soft into the


gotta find

my voice soft

into the night

soft into the

light its hard 

on us

this life


dead air

I cannot stand
dead air

I like circulation

I like having my voice
and using it

give the pain a voice

this holiday season may you feel part of. not alone. and if you are in pain, what does the pain say to you? give the pain a voice so it can tell you what it needs to go away… then go ahead and give it what it needs because it’s the giving season, honey, it’s what we do!