the vision idled

distraction stuck a knife in us 

the vision watched us like house plants

rooted in the here and now

needing to be 



red tail

alone at the end of the day

eyes weakened by screens

lunging at air like a bull i

was visited by a red-tail hawk

he gave me the vision i 

thought i had lost  


reading #211


dream sequence

What if I cannot live with anyone, ever again, I thought to myself, before falling asleep. I have been tired since I asked him politely to leave. He did not take it very well, and I did not take his not taking it well, well. I was tired by trying to share my space, and by trying not to share my space, and fell fast asleep.

Up the stairs the atmosphere was boisterous, everyone seemed happy like evolved, and my mind kept turning us over and over, wondering why we were so quiet, down here, so reserved, like somebody had died. I was in the midstream (exactly halfway up a long and straight stairwell) when the matron of the house came about before bed asking around and offering her hand, to make the last hour a good one, keeping us safe and needless, tidying up.

Her daughter, my friend, had left a small book behind, with a cover splashed in pink, which stood up on the floor by the couch. What if she never returns, ever again? The book had small truths littered about its pages. I wanted to offer it to the contemplative boy across from me on a broken chair, but I could not move. I’m not much of a lucid dreamer.

She spoke to us kindly, my friend’s mom, she made me feel I was helping her just by being there. She had always been the kind to illuminate your presence for you. When I awoke, I wondered would I see her, ever again? She died many years before.

Cellular makeup

I saw a vision
When i die
my cells like
sparks will

will all
at once
the earthen
body mundane

send me
on my

a fire in the belly
of the sky

you may someday

heat seeking

burning in
your heart