(minute) outlier


everything which ever
came to be once was
nothing but a thought

a feeling
set off from the


our little universe

this minute outlier speck

someday may be the very dead
heat center of it





If the universe is ever expanding then let us be expansive, too, in our generosity and openness, seeing each sunrise as an invitation to explore our communities and discover. This is hard to implement after trauma. I looked inward and outward and realized: becoming bright and friendly and inquisitive, open-hearted again, is one of my secret projects and clocking several years now. The world does not need me. But I am better off in circulation than out.

any one of us

any one of us is so much more

The multiverse has shaped me and so I run in colors, and when we meet we bond by the imprint left upon our personalities, the texturing of all the forces that contour us into recognitions. You are so much more than you. I can hardly stand not to love you not to know you. Come with me.


Saturn’s paparazzi crashed and burned. Cassini had been in her orbit since 2004, stealing shots and selling them to NASA. Saturn with her moons, Saturn circling the sun. They even caught close ups of the moonlets in the many rings she wore. i fell back asleep, reading, after we had breakfast. my nail beds dreaming to be covered in comforter blue. i won’t see my sweet planet for who knows how long, but she’s always with me. i sure am happy she cannot be exploited. nobody’s safe from teeming life these days. not the earth, not you, not me. yet we keep shining and turning and glancing off the sun in this tiny frame of the multiplatinum universe. may your optimism be eternal, if nothing else is.

consider it so

maybe life is just a solar flare, bouncing around out there. a pinball of light pinwheeling around and around, regardless of sense, sight, reason, and sound.

what then would the matter, our fear and our worry? what then of the violence, the hate and the glory?

consider it so, said god, buddha, allah. consider it so, said the light in the darkness. consider it so, said the black hole.

and so it was it was it was it was it was it was it was it was it was it was it was it was it was

suns #1,2,3

my three

lets me love them
love them

they move me
from what any

i cry
ice fields

i want the best


light the way
my midnight blue
baby boy sun #1

centrifugal devils
chasing sun #2
leave him be!
i beseech you

the third is galaxies

come home
my sweets
each night
i pray