live like

do not 

live like me 

for i

cannot i

will not

i would not

live likeĀ 



if i thought about

what made you you and how our lives would look without it

i too would organize. i too would risk arrest and a violent reaction to our protest

without what made you you there can be none of what made me me or us — we


You are the one
the only
number 8

divisible by two
the lens we see through
two fours fit inside
off your curves
kids can slide

on your side

seven plus one
ten minus two
nothing dangerous
about you

what i like best
is skating you, 8
on frozen ponds
in winter

what i like most
is figuring 8
around and around
and around

two zeros entwined
you may not add up
4 a stop and go world
you are poorly designed

cream puff of numbers
the cutthroats don’t suit you
no wonder you come back on

called crazy
made fun of
you always look
in the mirror
the same

i hope people see
number 8 just like me
and not just another number

there’s a little 8
in all of us
so remember
you are not just another