it’s 1997

gravity’s a bully pushing me down 

won’t let up

lost in words i

drop a forearm on all the keys 

metal arms rise up from a stadium of seated iron letters

and stick together 

like you and i 

just shy of the watermark

i pull myself up by the spine and 

hammer out something born of pain 

and misgivings

throw a dart at the white pages

seal the letter

mail it off


cat on a cold sushi roll

i was stretching my wrist out

twirling the cat on the sushi roll

round and round and round

a random day off. the work

was slowly killing me one screen

at a time. you told me when

you closed your eyes and listened

to me typing you thought of all the

crazy shit must be going through

my mind #katyamills


they stared at you
they stared at me
get lost! i thought
you said it

i wrote it
i typed it up

one day
i got up off a bar stool
liquid courage
and read it

in 1998
i believed
in you and you
in me

i moved
thousands of miles away
in 2003

i’m not broke
i realized
i’m broken

oxygen starved
the urban air

i don’t smoke
i thought
i’m choking…

doesn’t mean
i didn’t