hostile takeover

resting in a meadow 

on a day only god could cook up 

the poorest being on earth

became the wealthiest man 



life after psych meds

gave you back 

what you lost you

wake up wanting to 

face the world

though frightened

you live a little

life after psych meds 

feel yourself falling you 

twitter like a baby bird

arms high

full with down 

now fly


day social media died

cat out mousing 

to sharpen his claws i

 stuck inside dredging 

the twitter feed like some 

weary curator 

in a third rate watered

down shop of intrigue 

and horror



Handle: Katya444ever 🏳️‍🌈

latchkey kid and #indieauthor. nonbinary (she/they). genX. as the sun rises i morph into a #psychotherapist. i hold out hope for anyone and u

these dreams

feeling lost they

danced back into one

of a thousand worlds they

called home

lightning struck

through a dark web


they drank champagne

with a twist on a staple of twitter


now was time 

to search themselves then

produce these



cross examine yourself

A winter’s day. The mercury stood up and shouted. The polar bears’ coats were dirty and keeping cold would be next to impossible. I cross examined the witness and the witness was me. The argument in favor of the species had lost steam with the jury, and we were running out of time to ruminate.

Better hire a platypus to come in and dash the thing apart, then dish about it all, to our confidante, on a Twitter feed to Mars.

red hawk

Fashion thought so highly of herself, she lost her sense of humor. Twitter took advantage. Meanwhile, over at the Red Hawk Casino, nickel games plied the minds with dazzling wheels of chance and free drinks. The tribe was making bank. I looked into a mirror and gave up on my face, you dropped another twenty in timeless space.

the (suddenly rhetorical) question

When she wanted somethin bad enough, she got sweet like high fructose corn syrup.

She would turn her head to an angle most becoming through his eyes of her figure, a calculation she fine tuned in response to the f-stop of his dilated pupils. Her lashes flicked like butterflies alighting.

The moment his attention shifted from the galaxy s, operation tweet unfollow, to her revival theatrics sillhouette girlfriend experience, she popped the suddenly rhetorical question…

“Do you think maybe you could help me out?”