Navalny 2022

the trial to extend his time in the labor camp was the great joke that was not funny. Russia concealed it masterfully behind the useless war with Ukraine. forty miles of tanks! all the newspapers across the globe would have had him in the headlines otherwise, to display this Kafkaesque affair. one thing calms Navalny’s frayed nerves is to study the curve of the muscle in his arm as he extends it to help a weakened comrade. working day and night for so long now he knows he is as strong as any man his age and could easily knock VP to the ground and maybe some sense into him, too. 


double blind

I am a new number, now, they faked my initials. I volunteered for another clinical trial to benefit myself and others who suffer from the same autoimmune issue. A stranger stole into my system about a decade ago, and decided to settle down. I made room for them, what choice did I have? They had faked their papers and got through customs unaccosted. They pretty much keep to themselves and haven’t done me much harm all these years. But they like to live contrary to the culture heritage,  and have thrown the ecosystem off. After much deliberation — and because they are rooted eradication is not an option — I decided to go for containment. Before the system is gravely disordered. I don’t think it’s too late, I am still in very good condition.

It’s funny how I would become a number in a double blind study, on trial. How I would fake my identity to combat a stranger who did the same to get in.

about a murder. unsolved

My impressions from an article about a murder of a young girl in my city. The trial started yesterday, but the outcome is only certain in one way… a child is gone —