isolation (bad)

the stores were out of eggs. we were surviving on oatmeal. the highway e-billboard display bright like a star. severe storms. avoid travel. they left out the important part. severe depression. do not isolate at home. 


from the heart out

she was in her twenties

existence a slow drip of unhappenstance 

when she surfaced from the midsection of an iceberg

the frozen contents of some formerly fluid 

collective subconscious 


ready to travel the world

she began finally to thaw

from the heart out


Big Sur beats

highway 1

eleven hundred miles 

of coast with you 

los gatos at home

weaving through 

the mountains

radio and gas stations 

the canyons

salt in our nostrils
kelp tossed like an aside

to the beaches
water pounding sense into 

these rocks 

reach out 

over the cliffs to 



the traveler. 1997

life changed i

free of walk and free
of talk

those i loved
who had loved me

a sunny room
i watch you start in on
your meal

a couch under a modest chandelier
time passes
a soft spot where my voice
had been

ceramic plate
eggs and a spot of ketchup
a silver fork and listen!
do not speak!

contractions expansions the hands
climbing circles round
a face

you cannot
this cannot be

pots and pans brimming
with soap. good god
are we?

good god! i am


Let your purpose carry you like a gust through darker moments of life, rattling the windows

I will be there
alongside your faith
to hold you
when you get home

We will know
neither day nor night
in our arms

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losing perspective

Dreary california sunshine day after day was what happened when no one left home for too long.