whenever they thought they was

struggling they felt back

to when they really


no money

no home no real

friends around


isolated by they

world the chaos in

they head

the hard water

softens when super



where was where is your world

you found a place where you clicked you could go and be known you could go and belong you could go and now you’re aching to be there


you can dress how you like and just show up and speak out any of the lost or jaded old attitude and let them have it and turn into something fresh and funny and not so heavy though it may be honest


the lightning strikes the storm thunders so violently like it did back then you know you never left you are there it is here and all is real

cover reveal

Here is the cover for Book #3  in my ongoing series of literary fiction. I anticipate releasing this book in late Spring or early Summer, 2016. Book One is now free!  — DOWNLOAD GRAND THEFT LIFE —