Faith without works is dead! within our everyday actions, from the moment we wake up to when we lie down to sleep, we can claim our faith and find freedom in doing so. thoughts and feelings are colored by judgment calls which may or not be accurate. how many times have you made an appraisal only to find out you were dead wrong? and then how you feel about it shifts. feelings are colored by thoughts and thoughts, influenced by how we feel. years can go by being misled, having misconstrued a situation, misunderstanding and being misunderstood! our actions, on the other hand, are tangible, concrete. they cannot lie. what you do is true.

test flick gnash

i was going about my day with

the best intentions the

squirrels started to chatter told me

all kinds of things none of which were true

gnawing on acorns leaving shells

scattered around my mind


i was gonna have to sweep and mop

convinced i was no good

the world a terrible place


i found a nice tree to sit under

for a spell i

lay my head back butterflied my arms out

closed my eyes

prayed for several days. the squirrels

they finally jumped

out from the crown

clung to the tree testing

their little claws flicking

their puffy tails

gnashing their teeth they

took off chasing into the high branches


when i finally stood

my thoughts were peaceful

friendly. you

gotta make the most of what

you got


i gnashed my teeth

and tested back

life left us walking

life left us for walking

You were walking out with your keys to your car, and all the person you thought you would be and are. Anyone could see. You might just need to give up on those thoughts, look up and see what’s left for you. I know I don’t usually have the energy anymore, but when I do…  I wonder where you went, when you go. Please, go easy on yourself. I have a secret I think you oughta know, sometimes I follow you in the snow. Life left us for walking, disappearing into forest. See, that’s a mighty gift. Please, go easy on your heart; are you taking all your meds? I made a medicine cabinet, to keep mine all together. I got the goddam flu shot, I know I’m getting old. I wonder what life has in store for us, when tomorrow comes. Then I grab a book to stop the wondering.