missing you

Early saturday morning. USA. Someone took a bite out of the supermoon. The neighborhood sounds like noon.

A girl is out on the front lawn, yelling about her parents. She is distressed. Saying she will call the cops. Someone trying to hush her.

Someone stole something from her. She won’t say what it is. Plenty of dogs barking all around. The neighborhood sounds of noon.

I guess you wanna see me. Talk to me. You let me know in a text. I really wanna see you too. Someone took a bite out of my heart. I might have to call the cops.

I miss you. It’s so hard to keep a distance. I don’t wanna feel upset. Lonely when i am with you.

I listen to the sounds around me. To drown the ones inside me.

Maybe i will see you some day.
I wish I hope we can.
Maybe soon.
We can meet at high noon.
In the garden.
Behind the café.