yesterdays paper

scrolling. it’s like a punishment i give myself for cheating on my life, carrying on this relationship non-discreetly with a phone. Oscar-worthy. i pick up yesterdays paper. the rain plays off the gutter rails. the comics are colorful.

i find myself. drawing in the margins


the romance of the screens

who will lead 

the opposition of the urge 

to indulge past past past the point of full

to sleep in long long long on a sunday 

to watch swipe watch?

it takes guts to knife the romance 

of the screens

the eyes hurt the head aches and

love is opposition

is bold



this place got it all

there’s nothing here

no technology

we come here stripped down

we can hardly take it

we don’t wanna live

this place got it all

no longer charmed out of reality

we see things plainly

this place got it all

like running thirsty 

toward a mirage 



climbing the walls of our will, numb and detached from purpose, deep in despair, entertained to near death, technologically baffled, compulsively obsessed, imagination fraught from lack of use, cut by seven blade razors, telemarketed, stuck on stupid, shot at by solar flares, inundated by cell rays, frozen in synthetic fear frostings, sucking on substitute sugars, dipped in electromagnetic confection, infected by ad campaigns, propped up by pharmaceuticals, shuffling whole food aisles, storage wars won at auction, amassing detritus in space to the gills … modern life can get pretty blasphemous. i gotta claw my way out of it. chaos toppled by order toppled by chaos. i gotta go deeper. below the muddy quicksand of modern life lies firm and solid virgin ground. bedrock. you cannot see it but it is there. resplendent as the throats of bullfrogs in spring.   #katyamills


like a secret 

in the nucleus 

of the yolk

of the eye

we defy analytics



sharpened by 

the guarantee of 



to be dulled

by screens

technology or




the birds gave up 

stopped singing they

mulled about their nests 

feathered up and tucked

in. lost in a doomscroll

from hell my phone 

was chirping about

something i friendless

tuned out 


the screens

when the screens are off i
speak to you and
you listen

our feelings fully

you speak to me

i listen

we feel close

thank god
we have a chance

what was life

what was life before our devices?

generics -iii

The association in her case was not transparent. If she introduced the darkness to light, they might achieve net neutrality and no one would have to pay. She would funnel all the nonsense down the pipes built expressly for that purpose, and run the drainage of his company into a far corner of the yard where nothing ever grew, she thought. Then reproduce the unkempt sound by some peripheral brilliance, and follow a stream into its relentless river, with side effects of curling back and slowing down. She saw herself surfing a wave and tumbling down, again and again until she got it right. The sharks would circle, yes, but she had chum to feed them. Some day she promised herself an escape from undertow, the gravity above all.

m x memory

m x memory -vi

What was (not by law) acceptable? You would have to be crystal (clear) to know that awareness had not changed. Not even by 2023. Awareness is like it was: half-whole. The industrio-technological revolution had consciousness in a blender and someone hit liquefy. The laws could not tourniquet the blood loss. In effect, all diverse perceptions broadcast by sentients and picked up on radios in tunnels, were to be accepted. Resistance, denial of telltale truths, revolt against the pioneers of particularly unpopular ideas, was punished by slow reflexology torture. The pedestrian access to all CNS points of sensitivity. Modern culture placed high value on sensitivity, for it was the easiest way under the skin and didn’t cost a damn thing. But desensitivity treatments were about the most malevolent practice around. A desensitized sentient was today scorned and unforgiven… turns out all evolution has the fallout of consequential negative feedback, which angles off the light of the fresh vision and becomes the new bastion of ignorant factions which can be discredited yet never completely silenced by radiating waves of heart-centered caring intention…