2 from 3 = 1

two quotes from book three

“I imagined she was right here beside me, pressed up against my ribs, our bellies greeting through our clothes, what hips we had trying to push around, and I could catch her tears on a fingerprint, cupping my hand to her face.”  – Ame, on the telepath with Kell
“He had a foul mouth like a carnie. I thought about back in the days when my parents used to take me to the carnival and the way the cotton made my fingers so sticky and I would lick them and the rides were flying overhead and everyone was petrified, screaming, and oh what a wonderful, terrible place it was, drunks stumbling around cursing, girls getting pushed over giant stuffed animals on the outskirts, expected to give it up for what they got. Guns and the hammer coming down hard to push the metal up to ring a bell. Primitive. The rides were old machines and not always safe, the carnies loud and uncouth, everyone so happy to be scared. Everyone but me. I was turned on.”  – Ame, on Black and the county fair


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Ame is an unusual girl. The voices in her head remind her all the time, and anti-psychotics cannot stop them. Her abduction from her adoptive home to the underworld was foretold. She begins life anew in the dark heart of an American city, part of a family she never knew she had, becoming more and more conscious of her own innate and extraordinary abilities. Though conflicted by the violent practices her people employ upon the human race, she has little choice in the matter. The alchemy is in her blood: some will live to tell… others must die.    – KatYa