untitled. not the news

Took a crescent wrench to the mind

a mechanical problem surfaced

those dead all came alive by my side

we dreamed of my arrival

faucet drips and flouride cleans the porcelain

the news it turns me inside out

gone to watch the birds without eyes

just to listen

just to be still and breathe

Drafting the steam (4-4-4-6-6 time)

I am burning
Out from within
a reverse
shot of gin

I am incendiary
a solar flare
I am flammable
Handle with care

I’m burning
a sorry lost soul
Patching nightmares
Through my clothes

Though I love my life
I dream to awaken
from thanatos
To you
holding me

Until god
My dream?
Catch me burning

By Katya
in 4-4-4-6-6 time, 2013

sudden one

Midnight came and went
Jesus gossiped about
on am radio

Why are you
name dropping God?

jesus i’m tired
my ears and my eyes

All forty years of me
fall apart

Tomorrow when the
sky turns

i will roar like a tiger
to the whistle of steam

i will suck on ceramic
and coffee and cream

fuck all the noise
i got tangerine

Katya Mills, 2013