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Date of publication: May 3, 2020.

Trouble’99 by Katya Mills

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Set in Chicago in 1999, four friends carry their broken hearts into the new century. Busking, drinking to keep warm, couch surfing…amidst a landscape of dot-com era corporate growth and nihilism. Walk alongside them in this cool and captivating story of love and music, heartache, misfortune, and redemption. An honest portrayal of a disaffected generation coming of age, from the mind of Katya Mills, author of Grand Theft Life, Maze, and Girl Without Borders.

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Maze 2:14:1 Storytelling

Book Two
Daughter of Darkness Series
Chapter 14:1
In the last episode 2:13:4 Ame and Bless are lying on top of one another, lifeless after a fight. Ame is underneath and goes to get up, when her friend suddenly takes the friendship to another level.

story – a reading

Maze 2:12:6 Storytelling

Book Two
Daughter of Darkness Series
Chapter 12:6
In the last episode 2:12:5 Maze and Ame part ways with Kell and go off on their own to celebrate a kill from up on high, overlooking Oakland at night, and tapping into the source light. Ame has no regrets by the killing, but she may be on the edge of self-doubt.


Maze 2:11:3 Storytelling

Book Two
Chapter 11
Part 3
In the last episode 2:11:2 Maze and his mom, well, the distance between them was growing. Consider them divided by headphones and the sound of Pantera or Disturbed. Consider a wedge of court tv and Highway to Heaven reruns. But really, that’s not even half the distance.