there is no safe

you wanted me 
to be soft and sweet. safe
but i came out all hard
and tough to swallow

you broke your teeth 
on me. tasted blood

i left the leash and collar
snagged upon your 
fence. i ran with all i
got. body mind spirit  


felt pretty bad being alive and all

an accident stopped them from running around 

trying to hustle up enough money as they had done their whole life

they listened to all the yearning all the reaching 

inside it was like a waterfall

they got to see what was underneath 

all this ruthless behavior

it felt pretty bad but not as bad as the broken bones

they let the water pound them into oblivion

a lightness overcame them 

no longer a body

a spirit



hunted on the hills

san francisco

hunted under the el tracks

lake street. chicago

hunted by the exes

by childhood

living in the shadows 

of my memories

god gave me the spirit 

i could not summon 

on my own

to withstand



the sun shines everywhere

the out and down

rather fuck off and get high

in the broke part of town

throw green glass

be with someone you know

or don’t know don’t matter

you feel about the same 

watching sunlight move

rather spirited yet

empty   #katyamills

one twenties

under the lights

the supermodel shows well

then backstage draggin on 

Slims 120s

lambasts the makeup girl 

for missing her

mole. you can conceal yourself

airbrush awhile

the spirit likes to watch

you exhale. it all goes up

in smoke 



the spirits. in the spaces between
apart and far from
hemmed in

they sway in unison
with and out of synch

pressure to force it came upon the fooled
and forgotten

the spirits. they swayed in the fields
like tomorrow as was


my thoughts spoke for themselves my
feelings could scarcely be

any time of triumph of the spirit

rather sloppy and


our best work comes
when we are not conscious
when the passage of time
cannot be mapped
the best is so often
a surprise

reading #97


reading #90