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a song. possibly

Here are the lyrics to a song I am workin on (to be accompanied by my acoustic guitar which I have been neglecting terribly, poor thang)…

“Remember when you thought everything was going well and then it was not, when winter was too cold and summer too hot, another cup of coffee would pull ya through and it did, raised you up like a pup by the lids… some day you gonna be a railroad tie, no one gonna fuck with this guy, some day you can be railroad grade, swimming ona sea of marmalade… some day you gonna be a railroad tie, no one gonna fuck with this guy… some day you can be railroad grade, swimming ona sea of marmalade…”

so i saw somethin last night, like a vision, right
i had to let go of the past and move on. now.
so i am

have a wonderful fabulous fantastic effortless lighthearted brilliant day everyone
love and light



Cat Sleepin On A Surge Protector



song frag friday


the rhythm of a mistake

the rhythm of a mistake

Ya, you always said the unpopular thing and that was cool, when someone was about to get hurt and someone had to say something and no one did but you. We didn’t have the guts back then to stand up for what was right. I didn’t. Things happen so fast it’s over before you’ve made up your mind. Fear gettin the best of courage. What would happen if you went against the rhythm of a mistake? All eyes on you, maybe some cursin and shovin and pushin as you try and stand your ground and stand up for what you know is right. We were all asking ourselves the wrong question. What would happen if you didn’t break the rhythm of a mistake? The song would go on and carry out over the trees, into the valleys, echoing, bouncing around the canyons and maybe even out to sea. And everyone and Donald Trump would be singing it, without knowing what it really meant. And the heat of the sun wouldn’t enliven you anymore. The heat from the sun would just burn you.  -KatYa

Here’s my latest reading from Maze…

Book Two
Chapter 16:1


la la la

i feel better
even tho
my singin



depression weighs a ton

depression weighs a ton

women marching and i was walking
the opposite direction and saw a man
who got an erection and everyone
stood tallbut just for a second

dollar sign stores and lots of whores
boosting from the system
if you had a lot of change and it stayed
the same

got rolled when you swung
and missed them

waking up with a dream in yer head
and you don’t know where you are
dizziness come from a
spinning earth

by the minute on an out of tune

bosses looking at their wives
wonderin’ who they are

before midnight come
take a stab at the sun
tear ducts gutter and the gentlemen

the depression weighs a ton