remix she

she takes

these rules-of-road
these mandates federales
these ideas of fairness and fears
she licks them 


the music the man

the mainstream
the age-of-fad line

the cess poolz

she carries 

the asses
makes u 

her bitch she 

can liquefy the earth 

ignited she fumes
she sucks up the dust

black with blood
she unassumes



opening up 

through cold rain of
insect-stung steel


the many states 


kid eyes full 


sending steam

beneath shower head flowers

behind ribbons of rainbow
summer hydrant


like no one like

no one 

she loves


life fully hydrated -iii-

Sorry for the truth. Beforehand. I never wanted her, but she came and found me, stabbed me, and left me on the ground bleeding. And that’s what needed to happen. I needed to die by her hand, truth, and be reborn. Fucking A right. The bitch found me and killed me, and she’s coming after you, t00.  Our world of confusion wants us confused.  A land where lies are institutional.  Now do you feel dejected, alone and insane? Need some essential space by which to breathe or possibly ‘recover’ ? Good luck, she whispered to me in that degenerate, hissing breathe. She ruptured my left eardrum. Pain for a half hour, followed by sleep. Woke up deaf. In the left.