you and your force
of opinions

on any other day i indulge
in distant lands 
dive into RPGs and mobile 

today i laugh

selflessly plunging into
the vortex behind those
honey cambered



when on holiday sometimes

it’s like i forgot who i am

after all the weeks and months of work

sometimes you need to talk 

or coax yourself out

then appear like a




as a kid
i prayed
as a way 2 feel better

about myself

now i pray
how 2 give 

all that i got

and give it all




was gonna cross myself

take something wasn’t mine

had the opportunity and 

let it be. before i awoke found

myself reading what i wrote on a stage

touching into my under

blue arm tattoo

dear anarchist dream self 

thank you for coming in 

line after 48 years all 




you wanted to be someone 

you could be anything you

could be someone you could 

be yourself   #katyamills

broadcasting hope

if you feel like running 

around the block 4 times

like a dope

broadcasting your 2021 aura 

of hope then 


you are you

don’t ever let

the world 




all what you have been through
you are still you

and all
you have been through

see this in you

the loves
the mishaps
the times you felt alone

you need not always be

if you were. when
you are

the self sets the limits

the spirit and soul is shining underneath, waiting to break out of the rock that conceals it, out of darkness for us to see and believe. meanwhile the world goes on waiting for you to arise. will you ever? the tarnished lack in a rusty controlled mechanical sort of perfection with an intellectual hook demands a miraculous effort. most are pulled out of the path of life and retired, subservient to other forces, equally bad as good, fenced in by unnatural designs. oh! the self-set limits of life experience. and very well worth living and dying for!

what you think of yourself

a parliament of youth came together in the U.K. to talk about issues and I watched them on c-span. the most spirited among them stood up from the green leather cushions and waved arms and smiled toward themselves, you could see. I was drawn in by the process. these kids with their fantastic regional accents trying the whole chamber, the whole house of commons, for some eloquence and persuasion. may be what you think of yourself in the end that triumphs.