wild sockeye salmon

broiled with sprouts potatoes and stuffing and

she liked it. we talked about our lives. i got caught up

in the story of my past and overshared. i could

not retreat


you got a real friend when you

decide to stick around despite the urge to run

shake the salt and pepper and

it only brings you



belly full of life

dear magpie. you told me of the seals and why they come up river all the many miles to Sacramento from the San Francisco Bay sometimes, to feed on spawning salmon in the autumn. i ask you: the spawning fish are dying, are they not? coming up river and back home to die where they were born?

yes, you said.
then why? dear magpie, why not let the salmon swim home and die in peace?

the seals, they are not interested in the carcass of a dying fish. what they do as they swim upstream, diving underwater for several meters at a time, dark and slick, wet coats shining in the sunlight; what they do is find the belly full of life, and sink the teeth in there.

midtown patterns by k

fight it

i see backs
of salmon
fight rivers

going home
dying trying

dead man

i see clouds
kicking swimmers

i kick
and thrash
like fish

the clouds

i am
going home