yosemite 3

Chinese Camp

the down side of an ascending grade

10am. we stretched legs made acquaintance of goats and roosters 

and storekeep. fed quarters to the candy machine

 the candy was pellet feed

note to self: people like animals but not as kind

the cocks were a-doodling we were a-dawdling 

raggedy coats made of feather beneath table mountain 

the sun lost its way in the clouds



Journal # 01.02.17

I started my day with a cadillac. Home-roasted Sumatra pour over combined with Swiss Miss dark hot chocolate. Some good music in Tycho’s latest album ‘Epoch’. Now seated at my desk and writing. This is where I love to be, what I love to do. I figure the more I can give myself this chance, the better off I am for you, too. I will give it my all today. Lucky #2017

finish line CIM. 2016