not even nabokov by the light of a coal miner’s headlamp can deter them. the child prodigy. blindfolded. paraded all around europe by those who wish to profit. these tumultuous nights and dreams…i am paraded around the same. i awake to cry my heart out before sinking back reluctantly into sleep. there are a couple pieces left on the board. cat on a windowsill. sentry. the tea candle has burned off. the lover. answers my call, day or night. take me. i am your queen.

love. over time

love was first given. freely. generously. and all was well or so it seemed.

energies were drawn. attentions shifted. the harbor of love, drifted.

times changed. there was no right or wrong about it. just  differences. new alliances. fences.

the queen of hearts hid in the hand. her husband suicided. apertures closed. windows. chances.

marked was romance for death. love so tender it hurt. stay away. everything in spades.

and original god given skin tone shown, where the single diamond symbolic once shone.