Interview. One Question. One Answer.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
This novella is the first in an urban fantasy series I am writing. It was not intentional. A couple of years ago I moved away from the Bay Area in Northern California, and got swallowed up in a perfect storm of memories and feelings. I had lived there for a decade. So I found an apartment and got situated, broke out my laptop and spent my mornings drinking coffee and getting this big emotional monster out in front of me. It cast a big shadow! I knew if I wanted to have a fighting chance at a fresh start, I was gonna have to write myself out from under it and back into the light. I was unemployed, so I had plenty of time and few distractions. I had also been thinking a lot about origins. The female lead in the story is kind of a rootless wonder. Well, she has roots, she just doesn’t know where they go. The reader gets to walk hand in hand with her to uncover her origins. Not only was she adopted at birth, but she has preternatural abilities without explanation. There are many more questions than answers. How many of us feel this way, and do not know where we come from? My aunt met with an acquaintance of many years, who inadvertently told her one day that they were distant cousins. He had done his homework and published quite a large volume tracing his family genealogy, and our family was in there! She gave me this book at the precise moment I came to her asking questions about our origins. Which was just after I had drafted this story about a strange girl with unknown origins, seeking her truth. None of this was by accident! And yet it all starts off so random, lending itself to a tapestry of synchronicities. All I had to do was take the time, sit down, and weave. And that’s the story behind my book ‘Grand Theft Life’.
I did not decide to write a series. I simply have to continue, for there is so much more to be said.

Q and A with K

Why do you cry while watching the Olympics?
K: I guess because i am really really patriotic
K: No…
I mean…maybe

How have you aged?
K: I felt like i was older when i was a little kid, and as i get older i feel younger.

Do you think you found the fountain of youth?
K: Ya. It was lying in a pool of blood.

Do you believe in God?
K: Yes. And vice versa.
God believes in you?
K: Vice versa

Who were the writers who most inspired you?

K: Um… (mind gets flooded)…Capote, Faulkner, Fante, Marquez, Pushkin, Borges, Poe, Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Bukowski, Fitzgerald, K.A. Porter, DH Lawrence, Rushdie, etc..

What form do you prefer?
K: bifurcated cosidodecahedrons turn me on. And i prefer to write novels, and flash or free form pieces.

Why do you blog?

K: Words. I just like to write words and read words and share in global word exchange markets.

So you dabble in word exchange markets?

K: Did i say dabble? No! You said dabble. I said share. S.H.A.R.E.

Why do you host two blogs?
K: One was too many, and a thousand is never enough.

How was self-publishing?
K: As fulfilling as anything I have ever done.

How about blogging?

K: A spiritual practice.
Like prayer.
Cathartic slowburn.
A selfless endeavor.

What can we expect in 2014?

K: I will continue to post new fresh flashes on wordpress and my website . It’s all original material. I try to offer something small every day.
You may want to follow my youtube channel because i will be reading my work there in the near future. I may also start channeling famous authors there, too. Yay.
I plan to self-publish another novel on Amazon this summer, my sophomore effort.
I plan to do more book reviews on Goodreads. And continue to expand my presence on Google Plus and Twitter. There are so many wonderful people around the world who inspire me every day.

How are you feeling?
K: Blessed, not stressed!