sometimes you don’t think you got anything to say but give it a try and it will come. like releasing a bull from a pen. storm out of there bucking, all the thoughts and feelings stored up over the years. a super sweet release and i would not stop for nothing, full bore, no breaks. no getting a glass of water or blowing a nose or answerin the phone. no stretching no standing up no looking away. gotta stay devoted to that cadence that rhythm, keep pressure on those keys … and the headache soon abandoned the scene for somewhere else … and the heaviness in the heart dissipated … and the darkness behind the eyes finally gave way to light.    #katyamills

like pressure makes diamonds

up all night i remember us

survival turns seconds into minutes

sealed inside like pressure creates 

an equilibrium by which we

can roll. time got nothing on us

the city still and quiet makes

diamonds. we meet in the park after

dawn   #katyamills

give thanks

 you had a day off you

worked so much these days 

free time was an anomaly

pressure came from somewhere

inside you. say a prayer

walk outside

let the day come 

to you


go where no one has been

we are pressured in many ways in this life. we live in an atmosphere rims around the world. the condensation builds up by the heat, the clouds form and the rains come. the pressure and heat build up some more. how do you respond? you don’t have to be intimidated! go ahead and rocket across the boundary. go where no one has ever been before. laugh out loud! the way you interact with your environment, your community, your greater family and yourself, is unique in time and space. keep the faith! we need you!

tra.nce join.t

no right no wrong simply colorful everything simply
all night long

roll tight trance joints 4 the crowd
2 feel

no. the future’s not cold
computer. still

clouds pressured by
fronts to tears are

woven and rolling are feeling and warm

are driven are crying and living

are dying and rolling

are woven into

the life

aka ,psi.

pressures got relieved when you
weren’t so full of air. there was always the threat
of surface area being

territorial pissing
this high psi life has
to go…

gimme a bicycle
two wheels and a pension
and an endless path
through a forest


you can do what’s undone. other things are out of your power. what is done you cannot undo. what a gift to be able to stay calm when you are subjected to great pressures and unable to manage. what a talent to quietly go about your work. what a blessing you are when you reach your potential. don’t give up. we need you.

pressure point

to speak volumes
you wrote it all down

you spoke volumes
within an epoch
without a sound

just a pressure point
on paper

calms the world

forecast. change

a steady

the pattern will hold up
all night

the pressure

a new system

you can see it