i still wanted to believe

i saw the good die young

and the others live long and untroubled

circumstance like a thief

had snatched my faith away

prayer became senseless without it

i never stopped wanting to believe

and so i learned to ask only

that my faith be restored

and it was



as a kid
i prayed
as a way 2 feel better

about myself

now i pray
how 2 give 

all that i got

and give it all




hailed by two string guitars 

evocative. we touched our scars we 

looked to the stars what 

when you hit shore? we prayed

we prayed 

into the grid you tore and 

the children swore god

damn they 




how can i thank you for answering my prayers? i guess i already know. work hard do the best that i can and be true  #katyamills

mile 10

they found the old locomotive stuck  

ina dreary railyard

ten miles from country meadows

arranged some flowers in 

her smoke stack rang her passenger 

bell a couple times on a prayer

she might live again



carries to god then

back down to

earth palms touch

marked by crescent lines

destiny moves in

and out of self

brokering wilderness

in a heavy



i spoke to you by phone long distance

before the call i was collected and after i was

hurt again


i believe

the space i made the contact

with god was what allowed

me to


survive underwater deep

breathing inside the



only prayer

only prayer draws me up from this lacking, this demoralization. this devastation. only prayer can restore me and my faith in these times.


i concede unto the hour
up and take the day
like the thirsty flower
i rise

open hearted

having bowed my head

to pray

rose quartz

you coulda been living in a car

you were and

who cared you disappeared off

the lips with a



rose quartz

the quality to express



a pale of having been purified

by trial


only accomplished in

those the world gave