not just on

i hardly ever dress up

i was raised in corduroy and cotton

took me twenty years to

tear up my clothes

love of a thrift store and all

you can find life underground because

main street got old

i could not appreciate anything

until I found you


let us walk

religion was boy or girl and binary

this way or that. nothing in between

i was tomboy. i had a spirit

they wanted to catch it in butterfly nets

jar and jam

you were hard and wonderful

not like other girls

let’s go get lost together

and we did

kid (intoxicated)

the carpet fibers were springy
under the step you could fall

in them and sit there in
the middle of the

no one would make
a big deal you were
little enough everyone
had a smile

for you except maybe the
most checked out of them
thinking about divorce
wondering how much it
would cost

nobody knew you but you
were drunk some too
off vodka and cranberry and
you knew nobody knew

you nobody knew
or you knew them too
the laughter felt loud all
inside you

wouldn’t it be nice
if mom tucked you
in already? why not
stay up with the lights
and smiles smell of gin

you know
they know you don’t know
how it feels but you
do and the ice cubes sound

like wind chimes

nobody knew but you you
were. guessed you for happy go