the art of the state of the art

You want to slow down the ball so your eyes can ride the seams in and out of the station, otherwise life goes by so fast you die as soon as you’re born. There’s no contact. I learned it from the black cat. Which only means you have to wait for the next pitch; good adwords catch phrases. Then accept it like a child. Or a sentence. Already there are so many possible contexts to the story, you’re not sure which way to go and getting anxious. You might be locked up again. Walk your worries home to the heart of it, and we can hang up our coats and our hats and the art of the state of the art, sit down together and listen to it. I mean talk. In about five seconds time, everything… now pass the first tension and back to what we live for.

The magnus.
The opus.

GWB – ABNA 2014


National Novel Writing Month Winner 2013

Will is headed for the great American psychotic break, at the glorious dawn of the new millenium. The age of self-help or self-helplessness.  
He faces the world alone. The only ‘family’ he has are his friends.  
Will tries to escape the nihilism in his head through alcohol and women. This poor combination punches his ticket on a slow train through hell.  
Drama has a queen, and her name is Cass. She wraps herself around Will, and twists. He is captivated by her punk attitude and Borderline personality. Sometimes he runs away. But she always sends her snakes out to find him, charm and release. 
Relationships have Will spinning. His best friend offers the voice of reason, but he cannot hear. He is crushing on another young lady, hard. 
In an subculture running on hip-hop, alcohol and high fructose corn-syrup, how can a young man ever find himself? What can relieve his anger, depression and pain?  
Will becomes further entangled and lost. He paints himself into corners, then fights his way out. Non-violently, whenever possible.  
Life at the center of an unrequited love triangle is overwhelming. 
He retreats into his internal world where dreams are still possible. He often wishes he could turn back time and heal all the broken relationships. Deep down he thirsts for renewed faith, trust and love. 
Something has to give. Either this patterned madness of poorly chosen attachments, or what remains of his emotional stability. Even his ring-tailed cat, Raccoon, tires of the scene. She cuts him up with her claws, hoping to awaken him before something terrible happens. 
This coming-of-age, character-driven story places the reader in Will’s shoes, in Chicago, at an historic moment in time. Exploring the fragility of youth and identity, in the vortex of mental illness.