could not stand (the summer)

trapped by heat the relentless wave

of sun. gimme a lemon

ginger ale

on ice


my mind in a prism my thoughts burn through me like sea

salt the machines and engines double

down like doom


throw me in a swimming pool turn the sky to liquid falling

down. cool rain reaches demigod status in the valley

leaking antifreeze side by fields


rivers are  the queens


sacks of ice pulled down from freezer doors to fracture

on the tile


night sails in like allies freeing

paris circa


terrorism sux

Paris is incredible. Incroyable. Very possibly the most treasured city in the world, though I hate to use superlatives. Have you been there? You will understand the origin of the café and people will talk back to you, tell you how they really feel, argue with you, almost fight with you before you all get down to the basic human show of kindness, and share some bread crusts and cheese, water and wine, coffee and conversation. And embrace one another, locating a point of arrival  – by point of departure. You gotta roll up sleeves and put forth the knuckles of convictions first, show them where you stand. Only then can you find common ground somewhere between, which often is the character behind the words and philosophies. Willingness to defend your cause and country. Loyalty. Spiritedness. Cohesion.Esprit de corps. This is the French term for the universal experience of morale. Uniting behind a common cause. And in these times of terrorism (under attack today in Nice) we need the glue only France can manufacture. Let our hearts go out to the lives lost and the lives living with the loss. We all can feel the loss and let those who we have lost inspire us to counter by coming together somehow to heal these differences because we all can agree, on ALL sides, terror and Terrorism suck.

to France with love

sunday comes again

sunday comes again
in a cup of tea in a winter storm silently approaching

in red
in blue in white
at war

agents chew the thread
out like blistering metal music with teeth
and fuck up the spider web

how the world comes together
gathering all intel
2 penetrate islamic state

4 vengeance
4 the innocent dead
4 the bloodshed

sunday comes again
and i tell you it’s out in the open

furious mad
it’s terrible bad
gonna take lives 4 lives
without hesitation

refugee passports pulled
in the name of the innocent dead

the ones

i loved
you loved
we loved

sunday comes a deafening sound
a bomb dropped off a drone
feeling kinda painful

sunday comes again and god help us
raising our children
shelving our dreams

world peace is so much smaller than
this and some have gone away
never to return

sunday comes on fire
sunday comes with rain
sunday comes
sunday comes