fuel the imagination

my body covered in

fossil fuels

i stand above the giant canvas

charcoal and oils



behind glass

relics of my imagination

they will never burn

into the deep blue



Edvard Munch

if i find myself captured by a mood 

i think of your sister with you

mixing oils to capture the red 

of her hair

in her bed softly resting 

the tuberculin stare

wondering how god could

forsake us          


clingy vines

on the first of august 

he contemplated murder and suicide

she was with another man now

he picked up the brushes 

instead of the rifle. drew some clingy 

vines over a fence. they was

only thoughts 


con respeto

you came from Mexico to work

 you say to make money painting

houses seven days a week no days off

ever? this is why you came

you say. i offer you a doctor pepper

and ask you  – con respeto –

the fumes! have they

gone to your head?  #katyamills

acrylic. fifteen

acrylic made 4 good makeup
girl when hung on a wall
and bludgeoned by praises

– K ❤