your ego wants to be bankrolled

What is nice? Nice is never nice nice . You can put that on ice. Superficial kindness. Nice is heart felt, heart spoken, nice is sincere. I don’t care how the content may have gaffled the ear. Treacherous contagion these local tourists from niceville.

We need only be the distance from the heart to the head. Stay out of the head, when you practice loving kindness. Stay out of the head, if you don’t want to slum it. The mind is a ghetto of fear.The slumlord standing over the ruins is your ego. Your ego is not gonna bend over to plunge the toilets.Your ego does not see itself as working class. Your ego wants to be bankrolled. Your ego wants to cut corners.  Your ego plays cards with mirrors, and would get as intoxicated as necessary to convince you that you are gonna be king or queen and live forever. Your ego sucks more blood than your heart can pump. Your ego puts vampires to shame. Your ego is like mine, because every ego is the same: a real motherfucker.

You can either duck or walk to the other side of the street, or drown it out complete.  The tension of denial is on an IV drip in tropical morning heat. Feel it like a hundred percent humidity. Stifling. Replete. Something must be done. Usually. Sometimes if we’re lucky, shit will work itself out, rising to the top before getting flushed downtown,  underground. Where every asshole terminates.

The process is streaming for sure, like any vein of sound or vision; opened up for all the world to get a visceral fix. The heartbeat of a universe. The simple obvious undeniable pulsation, single cell to polypro manifestation. Scaled from way up high to on the down low. Time to smile at the faces. Time to overindulge or analyze or find someone to co. Why? Cause your ego said so. Pack in your chores of the day. By decree of your ego, slave away.

Only then can you go.