with mass

in c minor

we would never be the same

touched by




ultra tons of glitter and glue

their opinions 

dragged on inside her skull for years

carrying the tune until

one forlorn day

she picked up a despondent note

by the handle

stuck it with ultra tons

of glitter and glue

crafted an off key

to unlock her super



tune in.out

they got so busy mixing

and splicing ambient sounds 

with hacked lyrics

they could not hear the multi

media metaverse

calling. the rain drumming

thumb wheels thumbin 

what a day to be def


i died 4 music

cuttin and pinning wires

while you carve squares into the cabinet
the blade breaks clean

under your power

my lips in stereo thanking you
a star thrown

strikes me in the chest
i died

4 the love of



writing verses

sleep. black liner circles

the eyes

the one who sings

cannot speak

everyone come to the center

soft body contact

the lyrics

the breath 

the hearts

the beat  



when the pulse is heavy and slow

when you could sleep a million years

thoughts cannot find a flow 

too tired for tears. let the music 

touch you   #katyamills

heavy metals


staring at the wall again

they turned up the volume

zero calorie heavy 

metals to defend against they




out from under

hundreds of miles of cassette tape

and wires. useless and bound by 

an ethos of noninclusivity they

patched it together they

sang they own wobbly

song til someone 

came around


off note

the dissonance caused by all 

the off notes touched a hundred 

thousand hearts who turned 

the radio up and swore 

someone finally got them 



i was only 11 in 1984 we 

found freedom from our families

in graveyards at night trying tricks on 

our boards without wheels then

down the hill the days in town on

wheels. the SMITHS blaring the radiant

sun out of the sky