all the popular songs

penned on club napkins by
wasted wannabe
looking back
they say i just wrote 
whatever to dispel
the journalists
the craving
for deeper meaning
and they aren’t often lying
a song never needed
a lyric like a lyric
needed a song

lost with you

staying up late into the night and still
early for you. i am listening to the world series
fills the room with sunshine in the muted

waves of sound

the away team has won every game and my heart
can still hear yours. you would laugh at me

for sure, to call the hour

we would be just getting started

out looking for videotapes and alleyway treasures
and trouble

in five days we turn time back again
will we remember, you and me?
we strung out different images

off the same
perspective and
none of it looked real

all i have to say is that i cannot forget
what happened. getting lost
with you

getting lost
changed my life