red hawk

Fashion thought so highly of herself, she lost her sense of humor. Twitter took advantage. Meanwhile, over at the Red Hawk Casino, nickel games plied the minds with dazzling wheels of chance and free drinks. The tribe was making bank. I looked into a mirror and gave up on my face, you dropped another twenty in timeless space.

Stepping out of Tron

I lost my world in a mirror. The mirror tricked me. I thought I was 3D.

I was 3D, until my mirror tricked me. Now I’m two dimensions. Eye candy. Background noise.

Someone taught me how to be one-mindful. Now I am single-purposed. One-dimensional. My blade just lost an edge.

They figured out a way to grind me up so fine, into a pointilistic portrait. My EP is an LP. I’m seen in single vision. I got a one track mind.

As i got stirred into the kettle hot water, with powdered cream and splenda, I guess I missed the point.

Still would I find my way through them, though the passage was not easy. Pontificating in the joint.

I reconfigured myself then, like stepping out of Tron. Back into the world of phenomena.

Now I am
(something like)
a phenomenon.