betrayal of darkness

i am juxtaposed

they look at me funny 

i am bleached they are normal 

in some abnormal


i dive into the earth

so i can grow only

they shoot me down


i am a goner


by some betrayal 

of darkness i rise 

teeth first to speak 

my heart



nail polish

my nails grow so fast

they will push you out of bed

they said. you won’t even recognize me 

this november unless you feel



been so long

oh the dawn when all thats wrong

in the world made right

the light come even into the sky

i could stay with you here for ever

and ever. been so long since it rained i

think im gonna cry  #katyamills

under cover

under cover
of darkness
my lover
of light

made even

a storm front


try me

try me on a winter morning
try me in the fall
try me when your heart is yearning

something so familiar
what you thought was gone
what if it returned to you?
like some forgotten song

catching you unexpected
barefoot on the tile
sunlight meets the


its been
a while

expiration date. sadness

one day you woke up feeling lighter. this was different. this was hope. it made no sense and could not be denied. the following day it was gone. the light was shining and the birds were singing but all you saw and heard was dead again. what stood out for you now was the recollection of yesterday’s hope, wanting another taste of that. so you got out of bed a little earlier. you saw the slightest smile at the edges of your lips in the mirror. you were able to sing some morose song by the Cure in your head.

–¬†Katya Mills, 2019

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dawn came

when dawn came I got myself up and hit the street. you know you’re blessed when all what’s inside you — all your thoughts and feelings stirred together into a psychosocial paste — has the same consistency as a cool and placid sunday morning, touched by sound and¬†light


finite articulated outlined forms

are no longer sacred. they may be one thing today

and another, tomorrow.

our love is murky we cannot see the bottom.

the light takes on form, passing through.

my love for you is imperfect. overcast.

it never changes.
we can touch the sky.