man behind umbrella

You can try and hide behind the umbrella. you can hide behind your interpretation of the law. you can hide inside your home behind your money and your discourse. you can call for law enforcement. do not be surprised when they pull you out from cozy privilege and imprison you. restricting your arms at the wrists. rolling your fingertips in ink. will you smile for the camera? will you represent your vitriol? will you miss your mocha cappuccino reserve and high castle office? the fawning gucci assistants shredding papers, who you undress with your eyes, leaning back in your chair while stroking your gold-weighted pen?

hang by the neck until dead

i was in love with her
if i hadn’t been
 i wouldn’t have wanted
 to murder her
that day
i had a choice
to break her neck
to be a monster
and go to prison for life
(or a few weeks)
depending upon
my miserable
and how much i could raise
to back my colorless
or take a public defender
 turn back time
and hang
by the neck
until dead