the water comes to a boil
i measure out some grains
juan valdez to wake me up
coffee black on a full moon

friday. everyone lookin 4 an outlet
i got mine behind these


surrender surrender

i told you what she said to me

got myself hurt all over again



yesterday broke all over me

i faltered and cried with

you for my witness


the night on knees on hands

scrubbing the place I called home

for many years


when I finished it was dawn

life pulls us along


today I am of a new place

the broken tree lying in pieces in

the parking lot


i will surrender and surrender



the diet oversaturated in music, i reducedĀ  my consumption substantially. finding inner rhythms. now there is a symphony looking for the back of my teeth, guided by the light in between so many keys. i only hope i make it out.


just some old bones strung together defyin gravity ona harvest moon. put a scare in the livin when the light was cast through to the wall. skeletons. good for a laugh and no trouble at all…until you discover who they once were.


Soon you’re sitting in some chair
with your preponderance your
pool of feeling untranslated

unreckoned with…

now you got a Royal. glints
black beneath a gunmetal sky found its way
through the windows

stands there stern
with her keys
won’t make a sound until
you touch her