sudden breath (remix)

in my mid-twenties
typewritten pages all around
bottle of whiskey in the freezer
telephone. stereo. Chicago winters creeping through gaps in the window frames

in my head

took a sudden breath i

had forgotten if you don’t

it’s death 

spotlight of the swinging arm lamp in its antics 

hair on my head frazzled

feeling frantic

would the world ever cosign my imagined



tune in.out

they got so busy mixing

and splicing ambient sounds 

with hacked lyrics

they could not hear the multi

media metaverse

calling. the rain drumming

thumb wheels thumbin 

what a day to be def



the misnomer the slip the drunken

tattoo the shaved head the misaligned 

teeth of reactionary fists. leave us the faux pas 

to combat these dull and senseless

perfections   #katyamills


tiktok the time goes by time

goes by stars gaze into our eyes 

never stop never drop keep

pushin along. tiktok cannot

kill this song keep



yesterdays news

the wind picked up this morning and blasted all the spaces, rolling recyclables down and into the street, carrying yesterdays news away. i am awake and listening. community some dream at dawn. i cook up some oatmeal and brown sugar. high speed internet and a chance to reconnect. living well can make you soft and vulnerable but not necessarily weak. that depends on you.

fall the fields

fall the fields arid
the vineyards patched out
from the sky

we worry the wind
we worry the skin of earth
and tree. shed out
and sprawling free

end of night

i follow the arc of the tip
of your cig.

you damned drunk!
and quietly stamp out
the berry

friends. combo

what if you became we

would the disparity between our worldviews

soften?  if we were the best of each of us
combined. turn the station from the blame game
to the acclaim game
and celebrate our friendship
let our disagreements be
and find a common

what makes


what made you


i thought how our lives would
look without it

i would organize

i would protest
i would risk arrest and a violent
reaction and a drawn out
without what made you
what makes me me
 and us — we

if yesterday was october

we rode on out to see your cousins down along the river road, into the delta and god was it beautiful, America. dazzling on an autumn afternoon. we paid respects to your mom along the way. the sun would leave the cemetery sky red hot on its descent in the west. i never knew your father was an artist until you showed me his studio deep in the lot, behind the garage. there was a portrait of a beautiful woman on the easel, maybe the beloved in the beloved years? 94 now he lives with sophia the cavalier.

back to wood floors. they are pulling up the carpets now. the orange tree what with its lime hybrid. beginning to bear fruit. we shared baked beans and fried chicken and i listened to his story of coming to this country, up from Mexico, a teenager hoping on some work and a couple hundred dollars to take home. an older man convinced him to hop the freight train and go north to Indio. from there they decided on Sacramento. the man taught him if you dress up a little you can get work easy. he doesn’t know what became of his friend, who got drunk one night and disappeared. that was three quarters of a century ago. old sacramento was a community of migrants.

i wonder about the spirit and where it travels when somebody is no longer around? your dad is a good man. what a life. he’s been through it. and he still gets up and out into the orchard for it. working for more at ninety-four20181103_1542374094984673028438353.jpg.


the sun below ground at 4 o’clock

the sky could feel her

runnin in colors off a



some kids got sent back to aisle 5 at the safeway

tryin to buy single coronas off a



i was searchin for my simple honeybee

bear and asked around. we found each other

in lucky no.7


across the street turned up 8 ounces

coffee. hot and fierce. not a bad start

for a day


not a bad start at all

stay present and you can handle